Waterbury Custom Home

Siding Prep

Board & Batton + Shiplap Siding

Feeney Cable Rail System x Douglas Fir

Back Deck

Ipe Decking x Teak Posts & Railings

Old deck in need of a restoration? 

UV Damage

High Moisture

Pressure Wash & Sand

No More Mildew!

Sturdy Build + Reliable Materials =

A lifetime of performance 

Even some composite decking can become worn. 

Refresh your deck today!

*Not all composite decking can be restored

Interior Carpentry


Ceramic Tile Backsplash + Range Vent

Mosaic Tile Backsplash + Countertop Lighting

Subway Tile Bathroom Floor

Subway Tile x Pocket Door


Yellow Pine Renovation

Hardwood Flooring (Demo)

Hardwood Flooring (Prep)

Hardwood Flooring (Install)